Are you in the Metro Atlanta area?

Get paid to share your opinion and help develop products of the future.


Do you enjoy sharing your opinions?
Do you have passion for food and beverages?

Companies that provide these products want to hear from you and what you think!

To become eligible to participate, sign up to join our community! Once you’ve joined the community, we will reach out to you when we have an opportunity for you to participate.

We’re looking for people in the Metro Atlanta area to participate in research studies both in-person and online. Best of all? Participants get paid for their opinions!

At the Consumer Innovation Center, we conduct research on new products and services, connecting the people who actually use products with the decision makers who create them. Your expertise can help shape & improve these products.

We conduct research in many ways, including:

  • Taste tests
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Online Discussion Communities
  • Individual Interviews
  • Shop Along Studies